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Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, is a reference centre in the treatment of bioplasty and lipofilling.

These two medical terms are booming in the world of medicine and for the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Bioplasty define the set of non-surgical techniques, which together, allow a change to physical features of the face or allow non-surgical rejuvenation.

Until recently these were applied separately, achieving poor results, with little lasting and a need for more treatment sessions.

The new concept of Bioplasty improves results and the length of time that the product lasts.

The set of procedures that must be done to a patient that requests a Bioplasty are:

– Infiltration of vitamins.
– Trace.
– Hyaluronic acid.
– Calcium hydroxyapatite.
– Botox, bi and tripolar RF.
– Attached to ablative laser or fractionated.
-Peelings phenols or other type of peelings, also tensing threads suspending and conducting products.


If we add to all this facial combination, the infiltration of fat tissue enriched, i.e. the lipofilling, the end result will be optimal and very similar to the surgical facelift. The lipofilling has also revolutionized the concept of modern lipoplasty or three-dimensional lipoplasty.

The fat grafting open up a wide range of therapeutic possibilities in the world of beauty or Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery.

Bioplasty does not require surgery or hospitalization, neither anesthetic, but if the patient prefers, a mild sedation can be provided.

The set of techniques and products will be determined by the surgeon and the patient, to achieve: slight rejuvenation, more noticeable rejuvenation or change certain facial aspects, such as a negative factor, a sag, an unwanted default, etc …

Both lipofilling Bioplasty treatments will be considered, there is no need to go every week or every month, or do several sessions, however do not exclude the possibility of doing some retouching after 3 months  of treatment to enhance or improve the results.

Prices are more affordable than skin lifting procedures or skin and muscle,  however, they are highly variable from one patient to another depending on the combination of treatments used in each Bioplasty and the type of skin, physiological aging of the individual patient.

We must be aware at all times that the Bioplasty with lipofilling has some specific indications and should not be abused or used with any kind of patient. It is not about replacing a rejuvenation technique on the other, but complement them and know how to apply them.

As with any treatment, whether medical or surgical, the abuse of it can cause deformation, and in some cases, cause an undesirable or unnatural result.

In Clinica Sanza, we always seek the easiest treatment, less aggressive, more economical, more natural and ultimately get the desired result for the patient. If it is better to reposition or straighten excess skin, fat or muscle never make a Bioplasty, but a weekendlift or if necessary a conventional facelift.

This is why a professional must know all the medical and surgical techniques to apply the most appropriate and most elegant to each patient.

Whatever your case may be, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, quality service

Frequently asked questions about lipoinjection or lipofilling

What is lipoinjection or lipofilling treatment?

It is the treatment that fills the part of the body where we want more volume by infiltrating the fat itself.

Benefits of lipoinjection?

Lipoinjection offers the great advantage of providing autologous filler material, and therefore, allergy problems or rejections are reduced. This technique also grafts cells with great regenerative power. Currently very fashionable in rejuvenation, as they are found in fat tissue in large quantities.

How is the lipofilling procedure?

When lipoinjection is to be performed, previous liposuction is necessary to obtain the fatty tissue. It is a classic liposuction to preserve fat in the most suitable way and maintaining its properties. (LIPOLASER CANNOT BE DONE). We then process the fat and graft it to the recipient area.

Does fat affect mammography and ultrasound studies at a later date?

No. The studies can be carried out without any inconvenience. Fat is easily differentiated from other tissues. In addition, it must always be placed in the posterior plane to the mammary or subdermal tissue.

How long does this procedure take? Is hospitalization necessary?

Treatment by lipoinjection lasts approximately 2 hours and is ambulatory.  Depending on the areas to be liposuctioned, it will take longer.

Is the injected fat absorbed?

With today’s techniques, a small part can be absorbed, but not all of it. Formerly it was absorbed, but now we have developed techniques for cleaning fat cells (adipocytes) that allow their survival and obtain natural and definitive results.


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